Grand Slam for BlueStar Racing Team at 12h race of HDKart

2017-11-29T12:42:28+00:00 November 6th, 2017|

Grand Slam for BlueStar Racing Team as we add the 12 hour race of HDKart to our 2017 palamares. Tristan Földesi, Yoan Medart & Rico Haarbosch triumphed, grabbing the victory for the team for the 3rd year in a row. Teammates for BlueStar Franssen, Cabrera & Kaivers finished 2nd after a hard battle with Traxxis Team (De Jong, Van Dijk & Van Ofstade), who finished a very respectable 3rd. Another BlueStar team with Sougné, Grooten & Baccellieri finished 4th, after a few avoidable errors which they were left to regret. Still a very decent performance from their behalf! As usual, the organsation at HDK was impeccable, and we want to thank them for setting up such a high level race, at such an affordable price!

2017 has proven to be a very fruitfull year for us, with victories at the 24h of Eupen, 24h op Brussels, 12h of Dolhain, 12h of Eupen, 10h of Mol and the 8th Team World Title in Madrid.

We want to pay tribute to some of our sponsors, M&S Construct, Kinepolis & Foamzoo, without who’m we would’nt have been able to target these goals. We are happy to repay their confidence with victories in Belgium’s most prestigious races.